Game Design Document
This is a quick summary of what the game is supposed to be like, so everyone is on the same page. I'll try to keep this thread up-to-date.


A fantasy world in no specific time period. There is no magic, but maybe some sci-fi elements.
Equipment of the characters ranges from medieval bucklers and swords to modern firearms, of which one is not better than the other.

Environment design
Rather open levels that remind of Dragon Ball or Pokemon. With lots of trees, mountains, rocks and lakes and occasional villages.
However, ideally there should be rocky passages that are narrow and maze-like.

[Image: 8DqCNwx.jpg] [Image: HQXxSTl.jpg]

2D Tile based
Everything is on a 2D grid and the shapes are simple and blocky.

Types of ground:
  • Grass
  • Thicket (slow movement)
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Rock (not passable)
  • Water (not passable)
  • Shallow Water (passable)
Combat is the main part of the game and is more strategic than action-packed.
Cooperation is supposed to be a big aspect. Team battles and such.

Pacing is rather slow in order to maximize accessibility for players with slow internet connections.

Death shouldn’t be too punishing. The player could possible respawn in the nearest hospital-bed immediately.

Joining and leaving
When a user goes offline, he disappears from the world after a few seconds.

Sound and Music
If possible, I'd love to have some great atmospheric ambient sound effects in the game to make up for the simple graphics. I believe nice audio can make more impact than nice graphics in many cases.

User Interface, Game Controls
The game is controlled with the keyboard (and maybe the mouse additionally). Touch-controls are not planned.

Gridwoods will not be localized. English will be the only language.

Technical Stuff

In order to keep latency as low as possible for the whole world, a single game server in a single location won't be enough. For now, the goal is to have a game server in each of these locations:
  • North America (US)
  • Europe (DE)
  • Australia (AU)

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