Equipment and weapons
How will the clothes look and dress, maybe, should do something like a helmet that will be the one and only armor? Huh 
You can make various types of improvements for armor and then it will be unique in any case, even if it looks standard like many. Undecided
Yeah, good question. I've been thinking about that, too.

I imagine weapons and tools shouldn't be a problem to represent graphically. They could be drawn like this: [Image: W7RslZC.png]

But for clothes I have no idea. I wouldn't want everyone to look the same. I guess we'll just keep the random colors for now, no matter what item is equipped (except for weapons and tools).

As for available types of equipment, I believe there shouldn't be too many. Maybe 5-6 total?
- Left Hand (Weapon / Tool / Shield)
- Right Hand (Weapon / Tool / Shield)
- Head (Helmets etc)
- Body (Armor etc)
- Feet (Boots etc)

What else?
Even though legs/pants come to mind, I'm not sure if there's enough meaningful choice among pants for a video game.
Maybe a second body layer? Like a bulletproof vest or a cape.
[Image: xMDT2JM.jpg]

I imagined it like this
I guess this would work for hats and helmets, but what about a vest and boots?
[Image: QOARssG.jpg]
Armor, helmet, raincoat, shoes.
Interesting. However, I still think that kind of style covers too much color. Even though the names will be displayed ingame, there must be something to distinguish players visually.

How about something like this? [Image: gQyfISk.png]
- Helmet
- Body armor (displayed as shoulder pads)

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