Emotions and Interactions
I really want the cubes to show Interactions with emotions.
Yes I am female!

Maybe it would be easy to show the usual letters that are used for smileys on their bodys.
The eyes are there so we need only the mouth.

Another, maybe more useful way (I'm no programmer so I have no clue) is to show smileys, and messages above their heads.
Yeah, emotion-speech bubbles could be nice. Maybe in a similar way like surviv.io does it (see attachment).
There isn't a lot of space for mouths on the characters though. Also they are going to carry weapons and/or tools (like a shield and a sword) at some point.

Not sure where the chat log is supposed to go yet. Putting it over their heads might obstruct the view. Maybe in the bottom left corner or so. Guess I'll have to experiment a little.

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