Development Blog

Things that are and aren't happening

Day 5


The rendering engine is now ThreeJS. This offers better performance and also more features, such as proper lighting. Took me pretty long, but check out that campfire!

I also added some NPCs that don't do anything but look creepy. Also you can't kill them since there isn't any combat yet.

I think I'll skip combat for now and work on some scenery / landscape next. I wonder how cozy this can get.



Basic collision-detection is finished. I also added a gray spot that's position zero (0/0) on the map for better orientation.

What's next:

  • Probably some kind of combat and NPCs

Basic Networking


This took me longer than I anticipated, but basic networking is finally done. You can now walk around and see others do the same – provided there's someone else online.

I also added a forum. Feel free to register.

What's next:

  • Collision-detection, so you can't walk through objects.

Day 2: Website


Instead of actually working on the game / prototype all I really did today was making this website.

I'm settling on PixiJS for the graphics for now and Dart VM for the backend. Let's see how this turns out.

Things that require immediate attention are:

  • Finding a name & nice available domain
  • Getting networking to work so it feels like I'm making actual progress
  • Figuring out what the game is actually supposed to be about

Hello world!


  • Implemented PixiJS v5 rendering engine
  • First upload. You can move around with the arrow keys. That's it.